Terms and Conditions


* ENC reserve the right to not undertake any job or booking without reason being given.

* Anyone abusing our staff in any way will be ejected from our vehicles, reported to the police and barred from using ENC in the future.

* Any damages or soiling by the customer to our vehicles will be charged to the client.

* We do not allow eating, drinking or smoking in any of our vehicles.

* Passengers deemed unfit to travel will be refused service.

* Clients booking with multiple companies and taking the first to arrive will be charged a cancellation fee and barred from using our services in future.


* Although every care is taken to ensure customers are transported to each destination as quickly and safely as possible, We can not be held responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control.

* We do not offer discounts or compensation for delays.

* Delays given at the time of booking are "within" times which means that your vehicle may arrive at any time upto the time given.

Waiting Time

* Waiting time is charged after the first five minutes of a driver being at the pick up point, or straight away on "wait and return" journeys. the charge is calculated by the minute. For passenger cars waiting time is free for the first five minutes at pickup, but becomes chargeable in full once the fifth minute has elapsed. On wait and return bookings the waiting time is chargeable on arrival at the first destination. Free waiting time for larger courier and delivery vehicles does vary depending on the vehicle type. Booking operators will assist you with any waiting time queries at the time of booking.


* it is the customers responsibility to ensure they have the funds to travel before undertaking any journey or booking any of ENC's services.

* Unpaid accounts will be suspended and passed on to our legal team who will in turn pass the matter to bailiffs for the collection of any debts.

* Witholding payments will not alter any decisions made regarding outstanding queries or complaints.

Lost Property

* Passengers must take all belongings when leaving any of our Vehicles, any property left in our vehicles is not the responsibility of ENC, We will ask any drivers who find property to report it to us and return it to the office by the beginning of their next shift (up to a maximum of 48 hours). Any property returned by a driver once he has taken another fare will be charged as a "new" booking. Alternatively the passenger can pick up any "lost property" from our office.

* With the exception of food items, lost property is usually held for 6 months before being

Parcels & Carriage of Goods

* Customers may be required to sign a waiver form accepting full responsibility for any damage to goods if they require a driver or rider to transport anything they consider fragile or of exceptionally high value.

* We do not deliver take away food under any circumstances.

Airport Pickups

* When making a booking for an airport pickup you are required to pay on an account or by credit or debit card. Like most other major companies we do not pick up from Airports for cash.

* When booking an Airport pickup you will be asked how many minutes after arrival you would like to be collected. This "minutes after arrival" is the period of time you think it will take to disembark the plane, clear customs and collect your luggage. Once your "minutes after arrival" have elapsed you will be charged waiting time at the standard rate for the type of vehicle booked.

* Car parking charges are added to your booking as an extra. Rates for car parking are set individually by each airport.

* Your driver will meet you in the Arrivals hall after your "minutes after arrival" and will have a board displaying your name.

* ENC monitor flight times via the internet and will dispatch your car so that it arrives on time towards the end of your "minutes after arrival". We accept no responsibility for delayed or inaccurate information provided by airlines or other third parties.